New Technology Herbal Services You Can Trust
Medications dispensed at our herbal shop are very safe and efficacious
Comfortable Services
We have five (5) departments which consists of the O.P.D which can accommodate a minimum of 30 patients
Restuarant at Gracegift Herbal Center
A classic fast casual dine in and takeaway restaurant with a very ecclectic menu that comprises of delicious food

What to Know

Gracegift herbal clinic is solely a herbal clinic which deals in herbal medications. We provide high quality, comprehensive and wellness service to patients.

Medications dispensed at our herbal shop are very safe and efficacious.

Our patient’s needs are always placed first in order to provide them with the best of healthcare services.


Our physiotherapy department attached to the main herbal clinic is well equipped with essential physiotherapy equipment and other relevant rehabilitation machines.


At Gracegift Herbal Clinic our products are ready at our well equip pharmacy. In fact our herbal medicines or drugs are not sold outside the clinic. Ever Gee immune booster is a new introduced medicine to boost immune system.


Our doctors are compassionate who believe they have a responsibility to use their gift and professional training to serve every patient. The doctors also use advance technology to diagnose diseases

high standard of efficiency and the use natural medicine

For Infertility and Infections